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Copy List Items from old ShortUrl List to new ShortUrl List
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Copy list from old ShortUrl list to new ShortUrl list

When upgrading from SharePoint ShortUrl prior to version 6 to the latest version you must copy the contents of the old ShortUrl List to the newly created ShortUrl List. Please download the following PowerShell Script (Copy ShortUrl List PS1) and follow the instructions below;


  1. Prepare Source ShortUrl List list;
    1. Save the existing/old ShortUrl list as template with content.
      1. Go to List settings, click on Save List as Template (name as required 'TempShortUrlList').
      2. Give name to template, click on check box of “Include Content”.
      3. Delete the old ShortUrl List.
  1. Once you have the ShortUrl List .stp file then follow these steps;
    1. Go to site settings, click on “list templates”
    2. Upload your .stp file there, give name to template list ('TempShortUrlList')
  2. Create a temporary list (source list)
    1. Go to all site contents and click on Create (SharePoint 2010) or Add an app (SharePoint 2013) and you will see the list template with the name given by you in step 1.
    2. Click on that template, give name to the list and click on create
  3. Install the latest Version of SharePoint ShortUrl and Activate “ShortUrl (WA Feature 1) SharePoint ShortUrl” on Web Application from Central Admin, this will create a ShortUrl List on selected Web Application
  4. Open up SharePoint Management Shell as administrator
  5. Copy and paste the path of PowerShell script given to you like “C:\Users\abc\Desktop\ShortUrlCopyListItems.ps1”, press enter
  6. Next you will be asked to enter Source web Url (url to web where your source list is), source list name (the name of the list created in step 2, Destination web url (url to web where your new ShortUrl List is present)


“Enter Source site Url”: http://sp2013sp (Your Web Url)

“Enter Source List Name”: TempShortUrlList

“Enter Destination site Url”: http://sp2013sp (Your Web Url)

  1. Press enter. (The script will copy all of the old/existing ShortUrl List Items into the new ShortUrl List).

Once the script has completed copying the Source List can deleted and SharePoint ShortUrl will work with previously created ShortUrl's.


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