TELLME 365 - TellMe Bot for Microsoft Teams is now available!
Posted by CIRRUS SOFT SUPPORT on 08 June 2020 02:56 PM

Introducing @TellMeā€¦ a revolutionary BOT for Microsoft Teams that uses the power of artificial intelligence and the Microsoft GRAPH to collect and relay information from within Microsoft 365 products

Microsoft 365 App / Microsoft Teams App:


TellMe Bot answers requests for your Microsoft 365 usage, activities and any custom knowledge bases.

TellMe Bot is your on-demand intelligent assistant, here to help answer questions related to Microsoft 365 usage and activities. Get instant access to all the must-have information for your company, such as last login time, user information, find experts, schedule meetings, track upcoming and past events, even find out the weather forecast and much more...

TellMe Bot can also be configured to answer questions for any required knowledge base / subject matter. Use TellMe Bot to answer your business related questions.

TellMe Bot can respond to the following requests and more.

<-> Who is USER
<-> Find availability of USER
<-> What are MY upcoming meetings
<-> What are MY previous DAY meetings
<-> What are MY previous WEEK meetings
<-> What are MY upcoming meetings starting with TITLE
<-> What are MY previous DAY meetings starting with TITLE
<-> What are MY previous WEEK meetings starting with TITLE
<-> Find expert by JOB TITLE
<-> Find expert by DEPARTMENT
<-> Weather in LOCATION
<-> MY last login
<-> What knowledge pack is configured

TellMe Bot Features and Benefits:

  • Simple. Fast. Intelligent. Powerful. Accessible.
  • Powerful Microsoft 365 Insights powered by the Microsoft Graph.
  • Eliminate Wasted Resources and Boost Productivity.
  • Connect to Your Own Knowledge Bases.
  • Save Time and Money In BOT Development Costs.
  • Simple To Install, No Training Required.

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